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Mozilla、Firefoxプラグインのチェックページを公開 - ITmedia News

あっちゃー(つД`) ここんとこ DivX ノーマークだったもんなぁ。おねいさんに笑われてるし。(違

10/16 追記
Congratulations Mozilla - Secunia Blog

It is fantastic to see a software vendor launching a service to help and promote updating third party software.

Here goes a big congratulations to Mozilla for their initiative to help users updating insecure software.


But why settle with a updating few plug-ins when you can update 11,000?
The only downside with the Mozilla initiative is the lack of scope, the Mozilla Plugin Check only covers very few third party browser plug-ins.

The free-of-charge Secunia PSI detects more than 11,000 different programs and plug-ins, thus it helps you update all browsers, their plug-ins, as well as your office suite, messaging software, media players, and all other programs.

PSIでRealPlayer SP 関連のプラグインを検出できるようになるのはいつかな〜♪