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1/20 追記
1/19/2016 - Release - Flash Player 20 - Flash Runtime Announcements

Please note that the Windows 8.x and Windows 10 ActiveX version of Flash Player will not receive today's update but will instead be updated in our regularly scheduled February release (tentatively set for 2/9/16).

Fixed Issues

  • [Sound] Timelines with multiple layers are unable to stop playing sound [4103304]
  • [ActiveX] VB6 Fusion Charts not loading in Flash Player [4098809]
  • [ActiveX] Unable to play local swf files in Flash Player 20 using 'file' protocol [4101067]

Adobe Flash Player 20.0 - Bug 4103304
Adobe Flash Player 20.0 - Bug 4098809
Adobe Flash Player 20.0 - Bug 4101067

This release is available from and will also be available on Google Chrome through the Chrome Component updater.

1/20 7:50 現在 chrome://components/ 「アップデートを確認」は のまま
キタ (゚∀゚)

Release Notes | Flash Player 20 AIR 20
Flash Player Help / Archived Flash Player versions
Flash Player Help / Uninstall Flash Player | Windows
Flash Player Help / Installation problems | Flash Player | Windows
Flash Player Help / Flash Player issues | Windows 8
Flash Player Issues | Windows 10 | Microsoft Edge

アンインストーラ uninstall_flash_player.exe の直接リンク

Windows 7 以前の IEFlash Player ActiveXコントロール インストーラ install_flash_player_ax.exe の直接リンク

Firefox 用 NPAPI Flash Player Plugin インストーラ install_flash_player.exe の直接リンク

OperaChromium ベースのブラウザ用 PPAPI Flash Player Plugin インストーラ install_flash_player_ppapi.exe の直接リンク


Windowsの10のWindows8.1とMicrosoftIEとエッジ上のMicrosoftIE用の更新プログラムは、Microsoft Update経由でスケジュールされた2月9日のアップデートまで待つ必要があります。