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UPDATE (February 4): users who have enabled auto-update for the Flash Player desktop runtime will be receiving version beginning on February 4. This version includes a fix for CVE-2015-0313. Adobe expects to have an update available for manual download on February 5, and we are working with our distribution partners to make the update available in Google Chrome and Internet Explorer 10 and 11.

UPDATED: Security Advisory for Adobe Flash Player (APSA15-02) - Adobe Product Security Incident Response Team (PSIRT) Blog

前回のステルスアップデート同様、手元の PC では Firefox用 NPAPI Flash Player Plugin から

PPAPI Flash Player Plugin も 1時間遅れでステルスアップデート

Adobe Flash Player
Release Notes | Flash Player 16 AIR 16
Flash Player Help / Archived Flash Player versions
Flash Player Help / Uninstall Flash Player | Windows
Flash Player Help / Installation problems | Flash Player | Windows
Flash Player Help / Flash Player issues | Windows 8

アンインストーラ uninstall_flash_player.exe Adobe Flash Player の直接リンク

Windows 7 以前の IEFlash Player ActiveXコントロール インストーラ install_flash_player_ax.exe Adobe Flash Player の直接リンク

Firefox用 NPAPI Flash Player Plugin インストーラ install_flash_player.exe Adobe Flash Player の直接リンク

OperaChromium ベースのブラウザ用 PPAPI Flash Player Plugin インストーラ install_flash_player_ppapi.exe Adobe Flash Player の直接リンク

2/6 追記
Security updates available for Adobe Flash Player - Adobe Security Bulletin APSB15-04
2/5/2015 - Release - Flash Player 16 - Flash Runtime Announcements