Secunia PSI

Version (18th December 2013)
This is a minor maintenance release. The primary changes are:
New Features:


  • Misleading End User License Agreement (EULA) - The EULA currently being used says it is prohibited to install PSI in a commercial setting (which is contradictory to the use of PSI with the Secunia Corporate Software Inspector (CSI)). Fixed.
  • Pop-up while running the PSI with IE 8 and below - Clicking “No” on the pop-up will make the PSI work, but very slowly. Clicking “Yes” will make the PSI stop working. The pop-up is not displayed when IE 9 or higher is installed on the machine running the Secunia PSI.

あらら、Firefox アップデート忘れてた PC が 1台あって PSI に怒られちゃいましたYO! (;´Д`) > PSI
Windows XP IE 8 な環境ではポップアップが繰り返し表示されていいえを何度押してもスキャン結果を表示しなくなりました。 はアンインストール。
PSISetup.exe をダウンロード・インストール。
# XP 一生分のポップアップを で表示したか?