Releasing Windows 10 Build 19043.1263 (21H1) to Release Preview Channel

We fixed an issue that causes the DnsCache service to increase the CPU usage to 100% utilization. As a result, the device stops responding.
We fixed an issue that causes applications, such as Microsoft Outlook, to suddenly stop responding during normal use. This occurs if the application created and removed UI elements on a background thread that is no longer receiving messages.
We fixed an issue with the Microsoft Outlook Add-in that prevents you from providing input after you select Reply.
We implemented a Group Policy for the registry key below:

  • Key: HKLM\Software\Policies\Microsoft\Windows NT\Printers\PointAndPrint
  • Value: RestrictDriverInstallationToAdministrators


KB5005010: 2021 年 7 月 6 日の更新プログラムの適用後に新しいプリンター ドライバーのインストールを制限する
案内だけしておいて Windows Update で設定はしていなかったってことか