TS-131P QTS build 20190328 Official

Release Notes for QTS

[Fixed Issues]

  • QTS would display event notifications about SSD Profiling Tool installation whenever the NAS restarted.
  • Network & Virtual Switch would incorrectly display the location of the PCIe slot in the back panel drawing of the TS-453BT.
  • Snapshot Replica jobs could not back up snapshots after users changed the passwords on the source and destination NAS.
  • After updating QTS to, users could not connect devices to the NAS via Thunderbolt ports, and Network & Virtual Switch would display incorrect Thunderbolt status.
  • OpLocks could not prevent multiple users from modifying certain types of files at the same time via Samba.
  • Certain network interfaces would drop Internet connections unexpectedly after long sessions of file downloads.
  • Non-administrator users could not access snapshot folders via Samba when Advanced Folder Permissions and Windows ACL Support were enabled. に更新した覚えはない (^_^;)