Security Advisory for Unauthorized QTS Update - QNAP NAS-201705-12

QNAP recommends that you check if the QTS version installed on your NAS has been unexpectedly changed to 4.2.5. If so, perform the following actions:

  • 1.Install and run Malware Remover 2.1.2.
  • 2.Manually download and install QTS 4.3.3 for your NAS (or QTS 4.2.5 if your NAS does not support QTS 4.3.3).
  • 3.Change all user passwords.

楽しい NAS だなぁ。
何事もなさそうだけどシャットダウン・再起動で Malware Remover 2.1.2 でスキャン。