Personal Software Inspector (PSI) Version

Version (2nd May 2013)
This is a minor maintenance release. The primary changes are:
General Enhancements:

  • Auto-update stuck at "Verifying update". Fixed. The Secunia PSI now actively polls for the status of each on-going update for as long as it has not finished (instead of relying on the reporting from the agent).
  • Distinguish between having insecure programs and not having results in the tray icon. Fixed. The Secunia PSI will now actively and periodically poll for status on programs that are updating.
  • Scan result inconsistences. Fixed. The Secunia score is now calculated from the local status instead of using (possibly old) data from the server.
  • Sorting on version columns. Fixed.
  • Windows update check causing the Secunia PSI to get stuck on the scanning page. Fixed.
  • "Add program" link to make software suggestions would sometimes not react to clicks. Fixed.
  • For detected network communication errors, the user is now informed about the problems and is able to try again if the problem is temporary. This is done when changing settings, deleting history, making software suggestions, ignoring/unignoring updates, and changing which drives to scan.
  • Version reporting of the Secunia PSI version and error reporting for use in support cases. Fixed.
  • Splash screen is automatically dismissed after 30 seconds.
  • Secunia Community and Share menus removed.
  • Dutch language option added.

Secunia CSI Integration:

  • When a host changes name or LAN group, the information in the Secunia CSI is updated accordingly (if integrated with the Secunia PSI).

Minor Bug Fixes:

  • In addition to the major changes, a number of minor bug fixes and performance enhancements have been completed


非力な PC の場合こんなダイアログを表示しますが、ここで「はい」をクリックしてスクリプトの実行を中止すると、PSI は LOADING... のまま止まってしまいます。