AVG アンチウイルス wintrust.dll を Generic32.FJU と誤検知

AVG detect legit file as virus - SANS Internet Storm Center より
AVG anti-virus software mistakes Windows system file for a trojan

Only Windows XP systems were affected by the problem. Users who deleted the file from their system could not boot their computers any more. In this case, to help restore the system, boot it with the Rescue CD and take wintrust.dll from a still functioning system and copy that to C:\Windows\System32\. At least, according to AVG, the anti-virus software did not automatically delete or quarantine the wintrust.dll file, though other files will have to be moved back into place.

XP 限定、PC起動できない場合はレスキューディスクで起動して C:\Windows\System32\ にコピペしろって敷居たかいよなぁ。

The company says it fixed the problem by 12:45 on the same day with updates to virus database number 567 for AVG 9 and 2012 editions and virus database number 6174 for the current 2013 edition.

【2013】 AVG Anti-Virus Ver 113 - 2ちゃんねる