Java SE 7u10 / Java SE 6 Update 38

Update Release Notes Java™ SE Development Kit 7, Update 10 (JDK 7u10)

Additional Certified System Configurations
For JDK 7u10 release, the following additional system configurations have been certified:
  Mac OS X 10.8
  Windows 8

Bug Fixes
Notable Bug Fixes in JDK 7u10
The following are some of the notable bug fixes included in JDK 7u10.

Area: java command
Description: Wildcard expansion for single entry classpath does not work on Windows platforms.
The Java command and Setting the classpath documents describe how the wildcard character (*) can be used in a classpath element to expand into a list of the .jar files in the associated directory, separated by the classpath separator (;).
This wildcard expansion does not work in a Windows command shell for a single element classpath due to the Microsoft bug described in Wildcard Handling is Broken.

Update Release Notes Java™ SE Development Kit 6, Update 38 (JDK 6u38)

カスペルスキーインターネットセキュリティ 2013 をインストールした Windows 8 ではポート監視を無効にしないと動かない。
カスペルスキーインターネットセキュリティ 2013 のパッチ待ち。