Three Common Adobe Reader and Acrobat Security Questions - Adobe Reader Blog

Q: What is the Adobe Reader and Acrobat update schedule?
So, recently we announced a closer alignment with the Microsoft Patch Tuesday model. Instead of delivering updates on a quarterly schedule, we will provide Adobe Reader and Acrobat updates on the second Tuesday of any given month as needed throughout the year to best address customer requirements and keep all of our users safe.

四半期ごとのアップデートはヤメ。Microsoft Update に合わせて第二火曜(日本時間ではその翌日)に必要に応じてアップデートと。

Q: How is Flash content being handled in Adobe Reader and Acrobat?

翻訳読むのマンドクセ ('A`)
authplay.dll はとっくに削除してあるからいいや。(^皿^;

Q: Can you explain the new security ratings?
Therefore, we’ve taken the degree of difficulty for exploit creation and included it in our new update priority ratings.

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