Flash Player 11.3 Status - Updated 6/28 - Adobe Forums

We've been working around the clock to resolve these issues and I'd like to update everyone with our current status.

そんなに無理しなくても、「Flash Player 11 は無かったことにします。m(_ _)m 」と宣言すれば楽になれると思うにょ。

We are currently targeting an update to Flash Player 11.3 in the next two to three weeks. This update will focus on audio and stability issues for both Windows and Mac, across all browsers. For audio issues in particular, we believe we've fixed the following problems.
  No audio or distorted audio with certain sound cards on XP, Vista, and Windows 7
  No audio when using remote desktop on Windows
  Missing audio channels, such as surround sound

まさか、7月に Flash Player 11.4 を出して、シャンシャンシャンをもくろんでる?
Adobe roadmap for the Flash runtimes