Process Explorer v12.0

Process Explorer v12: This Process Explorer release includes several significant new features, including the showing the web hosted in IE8 processes in the process tooltip, display of a svchost’s service host category in its tooltip, mapping of service names to threads on the threads tab and TCP/IP tabs of the process properties dialog on Windows Vista and higher (thanks to Windows Internals 5th Ed. coauthor Alex Ionescu), a new.NET assembly information tab in the process properties dialog (thanks to Pete Sheill), as well as other improvements and bug fixes.

Updates: Process Explorer v12, VMMap v2.62, DiskView v2.4 - Sysinternals Site Discussion

う〜ん、IE8なんちゃらって意味わかんないし、DEP Statusの表示がされなくなっちゃいましたYO。(;´Д`)