Warning - False Positive! Avast detects parts of Spybot-S&D as Trojan Horse! - Spybot-S&D news

With Avast Antivirus Database Update (VPS: 091203-0, 12/03/2009) it detects our software Spybot-S&D and some of it's files as a trojan (Win32:Delf-MZG).

This is a false positive and it has already been fixed by Avast. Please update your Avast from the previous version which has the issue: 091203-0, to the updated fix: 091203-1. Then update the program itself, from version: 4.8.1356, to the updated version: 4.8.1368. Restart your computer. That should fix it.

This has also been discussed in our forum and in the Avast forum.

This is how to get your Spybot-S&D back, if you have deleted any files with Avast:

Please uninstall Spybot-S&D according to the following link. Then download a fresh copy of Spybot-S&D 1.6.2 here.