Secunia Software Inspector その2
から1週間経ってもRealPlayer 10.5 ビルド:で(Software Inspectorでは6.0.12.1663と表示)緑のチェックのまま。


Last Update:2008-02-04
Software:RealPlayer 11.x
This advisory is currently marked as unpatched!

RealPlayer Unspecified Buffer Overflow Vulnerability - Secunia Advisory:SA28276

のままなので、RealPlayer 11 ビルド:にはアップデートせず、RealPlayer 10.5 ビルド:でKillBit設定したままで様子見決定。

2008-04-04: Updated "Extended Solution" section and added version 10.x in list of affected versions.

RealPlayer ActiveX Control "Console" Property Memory Corruption - Secunia Advisory:SA29315

"Extended Solution"って気になるなぁ。"uninstall RealPlayer"だったりして(^-^;