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What is Pinfect.zip ?

Latest MWAV 9.7.5 Espatch1 and Esupdate released.

Changes in MWAV 9.7.5
2. Date/Time standard changed in LOG files to dd MMM yyyy (intl format)


こっちはyassyさんちWindows PE 2.0 めもからパクリ
C:\Bases\Bases_X\MWAVSCAN.COM /?

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MicroWorld Anti Virus & Spyware Toolkit Utility

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/MEM - Scan Memory
/REG - Scan Registry
/STARTUP - Scan Startup Folders
/SysFolder - Scan System Folders
/SER - Scan Services
/FOLDER=[FolderName] - Scan FolderName
/SubFolders - Include Sub-Folder Scanning
/DRIVE - Scan Local Drives
/SNOC - Scan Only
/SC - Scan and Clean
/WaitToExit - Wait for user to press OK
/S - Silent Mode
/FS - Full Silent Mode
/NoLog - Dont make Log
/DELETE_IF_NOT_CLEANABLE - Delete if virus cannot be cleaned
/DELETE_ALL_INFECTED - Delete all infected files
/LowPriority - Run in Low Priority
/NoSelfCheck - Do not do self check
/CheckRegErrors - Check for Registry Errors
/DeleteRiskware - Delete Riskwares like RADMIN, VNC, etc.
/Sync - Write Buffers to HDD
/ForceUpdate - Forcibly Update eScan/MailScan
/ScanRootkits - Scan for RootKits (for W2K, XP and Win 2003)
/Zip - Zip Changed Files